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Welcome to Camera Doctrina!

I am so glad you stopped by. 

I've been falling in love with photography over the last two years. But I feel like when I talk to people about this medium, there is a barrier; most people have heard about Van Gogh. Less about Mapplethorpe. 

So I wanted to create a space to share the fantastic photographers and the incredible images that made me fall in love with the medium.

At Camera Doctrina, we will focus on a new photographer or a theme each week. Please stick around and maybe you'll learn about someone new or say "Oh, this is cool" to an image. 

I want to show people cool photographs. But as I coordinate this page, I also hope to learn about new photographers and photography. The result will hopefully be a two-way learning experience.

So if you have a suggestion, please DM me :)  

Let's do this! 


Zey*, the person who runs this page.

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